The Any Occasion Book

Easily collect photos, memories, and well wishes from friends and family in a beautiful keepsake book.
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For a childhood friend moving too far away, your kid’s first and favorite teacher, a friend facing chemo, a neighbor experiencing a loss…send a big thank you, a memory you cherish, some encouragement, or just an “I love you” from the people they love the most.

How it works


Create your project

It's free to get started — write a title, intro, and set the deadline.

Choose your prompts

Select text and photo prompts. You can choose from our library, or write your own.

Invite contributors

Share your project link with some good people. It works just like a form. Then sit back and watch the responses roll in!

We design and print your book

When you're ready, we take all the contributions and with a little magic, give you something beautiful.

Explore our prompts

Blank pages create writer’s block and hastily scribbled “happy birthdays”. With our library of prompts, you can ensure contributions are hilarious, poignant, personal and thoughtful.

Always the more beautiful answer, who asks the more beautiful question

E.E. Cummings

We have dozens of prompts you can choose from, and you can also write your own. Below are just a handful of the prompts from our library:

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The best gift starts here!
Share love, gratitude, and support from friends and family.

About the book

Our books are “coffee table” in style. They are printed on high quality paper, wrapped in a hardcover, and finished with an elegant dust jacket. They are designed to withstand a lot of love, and to look great on the table or shelf.
Pricing for up to 30 pages. Additional pages are priced at $1.00/page. Please see our FAQ page for more details.

We recommend you start your project about 3 weeks before you plan to gift your book.

You’ll need a little bit of time to collect, review and approve contributions. Once you order your book, it will print within 5 business days.

All books ship USPS Priority Mail. International shipping is available on request.