About Us

We are friends and family

Learn how we came to be, and what drives our work.
Who we are

Kith and kin is an old phrase meaning “friends and family”

It was probably last seen in a fossilized volume of poetry. But, we like it because it perfectly captures the spirit of our business — to illuminate the ones you love.
Your kith and kin.
Why We're Here

We designed our product with you in mind

Who are you? You’re the glue amongst your friends and family. We have a hunch you’ve been asked to throw more than one shower (and nailed it). You remember your Mother In Law’s favorite tea, and freely give your “secret” recipes to anyone who asks. You still send thank you cards. You think of your people first, and delighting them brings you the greatest joy.

Which is, of course, why you’re here now — to find a certain someone the perfect gift.

Our Team

Is a small bunch of thoughtful people scattered across the universe and operating out of home offices, living rooms, kitchen tables, and the occasional patio.

We’d love to hear more about your project, reach us at —