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Creating a Book
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How many prompts should I choose?
There's no limit to the number of prompts, but you must select at least three to get started. While photo prompts are optional (not everyone has the perfect pic on hand!), people will need to answer each text prompt to contribute to the book. We find 5-6 prompts to be the sweet spot.
Do people have to complete every prompt?
People will be asked to complete all text prompts to submit to the book, but photo prompts are optional. We've found that recipients really love being able to see the different answers to each question, and this also ensures a nice full book.
How do I invite people to contribute?
Once you create your project, we’ll provide you with a unique link you can copy and share with contributors, whether it's through email, text, or social media. You'll want to craft a message to recipients when you send the link. More importantly, you'll want to send reminders to nudge folks to contribute. People procrastinate, so don't forget to remind them!

Once someone registers to contribute, our system will also automatically send reminders to give people a polite nudge.
How do I design the book?
With a little magic, your book is designed automatically. Text is especially hard to format, so we designed numerous different page layouts and page combinations to ensure whether you chose 5 or 25 prompts, and whether someone’s answers are short or long, the book looks professional and balanced.
Can I see a proof of the book before it’s printed?
Yes! You can see a watermarked preview of the pdf file before checkout.