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Getting Started
Production & Shipping
How do I design the book?
With a little magic, your book is designed automatically. Text is especially hard to format, so we designed numerous different page layouts and page combinations to ensure whether you chose 5 or 25 prompts, and whether someone’s answers are short or long, the book looks professional and balanced.
What does the book look like?
You can view an example of a Kith and Kin book here.
Can I see a proof of the book before it’s printed?
Yes! You can see a watermarked preview of the pdf file before checkout.
How much does a book cost?
Our books begin at $69 for books up to 50 pages. For books with more than 50 pages, we charge a rate of $.30 per additional page. Your total will be calculated at checkout.
Can I edit what people contribute?
You have the ability to review and approve all contributions. If you believe an edit is required, you can send a contribution back to its sender for edits. We feel it’s important to ensure contributors have a chance to correct or clarify a submission.
Do people see what others contribute?
No. Given the thoughtful and personal nature of most contributions, we do not allow contributors to see one another’s content. As the organizer, only you are able to see all the content by default.
How many people can contribute to a book?
You are free to invite however many you like, and select as many prompts as you want. Our standard books can hold up to 200 pages. If your book is longer than this, please contact us so we can discuss your options for print.